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Joko Yoga

South of France based
Yoga Teacher

"Yoga is the cessation
of the movements of the mind."


kind words

“Never boring, JOKO’s yoga classes are a delight! Week after week, we work on different concepts and explore our bodies. Not too dynamic, too acrobatic or too spiritual, it is the perfect balance in a yoga practice for me. Can’t wait to be back on the mat with JOKO!”
"JOKO is an amazing yoga teacher for yoga beginners like me! I did my very first yoga class a year ago with her, and her kindness and encouragement helped me persevere and make great progress. A big thank you, and I recommend her to anyone who is hesitant to start!"
"JOKO’s class is the highlight of my week. I block out the time in my calendar because it is hands down the best way to decompress as well as kickstart the working week after the weekend. Every class is different and JOKO is constantly introducing new elements to keep us on our toes."

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